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Commercial Services

We offer a comprehensive range of professional archaeology consultancy services to commercial clients across a wide range of sectors that need to consider archaeological requirements or issues as part of the development planning process. Our primary aim is always to facilitate profitable development in a time and cost-effective way and to provide our clients with the security and confidence needed that will ensure their compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements of archaeological conservation. The diversity of projects we have been involved in has given us an impressive depth of knowledge and experience in many industry areas including

Our Services

We offer developers and their agents a comprehensive range of archaeological services which can be tailored packaged at a fixed price to meet their specific requirements:

  • Consultancy advice and negotiation
  • Desk-based assessment
  • Landscape and building survey
  • Onsite evaluation
  • Watching brief and monitoring
  • Archaeological excavation
  • Post-excavation analyses and publication

"Our primary aim is always to act in our clients' best interests in order to facilitate profitable development in a time and cost-effective way."

Discovery of Archaeological Finds During Development

On occasion, developers may be confronted with the discovery of archaeological finds that only become apparent after the commencement of works. There is a legal requirement to inform the relevant authority and, in some instance, the Police (evidence of human remains).

Help is at hand! We can provide you with the support, advice and archaeological excavation and reporting services needed in such instances. CALL US 01294 542 848 or complete the enquiry form and a member of staff will respond.


Planning Authorities have a responsibility to preserve and record archaeological sites within their area. It is incumbent upon developers to ensure that archaeological remains have been considered and dealt with in an appropriate way. The commercial services we offer developers are designed to ensure you meet these requirements and to act on your behalf in order to streamline the planning application process. Reconciling archaeological issues and development needs is most successful when clients consult us and receive input at the earliest possible stage, ideally before site acquisition and whilst preparing planning applications. Our involvement at an early stage inevitably means that we can supress unnecessary expenditure and make the process of moving through the regulatory and planning application system more effective.

Commissioning at an early stage means that assessment of your development would normally involve desk-based analysis of existing information and records. Where records do indicate that archaeological remains may exist, a Planning Authority may request that you arrange a field evaluation (which would normally involve a rapid ground survey or trial trenching), the results of which would form part of your planning application.